ErgoDrive Professional

The progress made in vehicle development, as well as the increasing demand and complexity of vehicle testing over the last years have led to the requirement of new approaches for technology in driving aid systems for testing and certification.

Our ErgoDrive Professional for road simulation has an ergonomic human-machine interface and can be operated as a stand-alone unit or as an integrated component in an entire automation process.

The typical application examples in the dynamometer or climatic wind tunnel are:

  • emission certification
  • fuel consumption measurement
  • transmission optimization
  • cooling capacity study
  • braking force measurement

Like on a real road trip, the test driver is integrated in the driving process as a controller of the system with visual feedback.

The ErgoDrive Professional has been ideally adapted to the ergonomic requirements of the driver and the testing task. This was mainly done for standard applications like emission certification, as well as for new applications such as transmission and brake system optimization. As a result, the test driver can fulfill his tasks for long periods in a concentrated but relaxed way. The visualization offered through ErgoDrive has been enhanced with important functionalities without having to abstain from its standard functionalities and interfaces. The GPS recorder of the ErgoDrive Professional makes it possible to train a driver's aid system. Reality can be reproduced in an existing system through the recording of real road and environmental data in the driver's aid system. ErgoDrive is currently being used by many well-known manufacturers in the German automotive industry.